Organizational Uses: Social Media and Small Businesses

What can social media do for your small business?

When it comes to marketing for your small business, online presence is a must!  Whether your business is new or old, utilizing social media websites is crucial to your marketing campaign. Two articles I found online help describe good tactics and uses of social media for small businesses.  In How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Small Business, Forbes author, Kym McNicholas talks about social media tactics and its uses for small businesses.  In Social Media for Small Businesses: 6 Effective Strategies, Mashable Business author, Nellie Akalp covers six quick social media tips for small businesses.

What you need to know

The number one thing everyone needs to know when starting a social media campaign, is that you do not need to be an expert!  Doing is always the best way to learn.  Social media websites are free to use and offer a wide array of options for your small business.  A strong web presence does not happen overnight.  Your time is valuable, so make sure you have a plan before starting your campaign.   Do not focus all of your efforts on you and your company, focus on your customers needs and wants.  Have sustainable content before you seek friends or followers.  Content is the most important aspect of your social media campaign.  People need to see the value of what you are doing and generally like free advise.  Manage your company’s message, if you do not, somebody else will. Show your customers that you are behind your company 100% and have invested yourself in their needs.

Quality > Quantity

Focus your efforts on who is engaging and not just following.  Do not get caught up in the numbers game.  Quality followers will always outweigh the quantity of followers.  Engaging your followers is imperative to your social media campaigns success. Build a relationship with your customers/followers will only help your success. Reply to every message, email and mention.  People want to feel connected to something, similar to a tribe.  If someone receives a reply from your organization, they will automatically feel connected and more likely to engage in future conversations.  Respond quickly to people who are trying to engage with your business, this will ensure that the quality of your followers will stay consistent.  It is simple, treat your customers as if they were friends and family.


The most important aspect to the eventual success of your social media campaign is building strong relationships.  Know what you are promoting and who you are promoting to.  Share what you know to others and share what others know.  Remember a good social media campaign is a long term activity.  Good luck out there.


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