Traditional Media Views: Old Meets New

Old and New Media

Media has taken many shapes and forms throughout history.  From the printing press to blogs, media’s purpose has always been designed to inform.  So what’s the difference between Old Media and New Media?  Old Media in today’s standards would be considered television, radio, newspapers and magazines.  These forms of media come from a main source that is designed to inform the masses.  New Media is considered to be things like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and YouTube.  New Media does not necessarily have to come from a main source.  Its creators are individuals located all over the globe.   These two forms of media are often used in conjunction to increase the audience size and interaction, like a form of “Hybridmedia”.

Media Mergers

Media mergers are a common thing with modern news companies.  It seems like every “Old Media” news company is merging with a “New Media” company, because they are.  Aol and Time-Warner, NBC and Microsoft and ABC and Yahoo are some of the biggest mergers.  Because of these mergers, media outlets are now able to get their message out to a broader and diverse audience, that they normally would not have been able to reach.  Even though many news companies have bought or merged with smaller companies, there are still many small companies that are not owned by these media giants.  Niche websites that give media consumers specific information about what they want to know, are ever present and have hundreds of thousands of readers. There are still many options out there.

The Reality

New media is no longer a force to be reckoned with; it is the force to be reckoned with.  Media consumers want fresh and instant information.  People can no longer wait to hear the news at night, they need it now!  Can Old Media keep up with this addicting demand?  I think it can, but only through New Media or Social Media.  People want to interact with each other and to share their opinions, people want to be heard.  The future is bright for New Media, people from all walks of life are getting on board to share what they know and what they want to know.

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6 thoughts on “Traditional Media Views: Old Meets New

  1. “New media” is the future. You’re right about the public wanting instaneous information. People have no patience and “new media” feeds into that perfectly.

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