Collaborative and Distance Communication Tools: Getting your music out has never been so easy.

What it is

Collaborative and Distance Communication tools are exactly what they sound like: online tools that connect people and enable them to share ideas.  The most popular forms of these services are Skype, Ustream and Facetime (for you Apple people).  These services enable the user to communicate with other people and organizations in real-time, without using the telephone or email.  What I really want to touch on is how musicians have used these services to spread and promote their music.

Skype and Ustream

Although similar in nature, these two services offer the user completely different things.  Skype is like a video phone and Ustream is used for watching live events that are spread to many viewers.  Both of these services offer the user a unique experience when it comes to viewing their favorite artists.  The band 3 Doors Down used Ustream’s service to promote their album: Time Of My Life.  They used Ustream and Twitter to get listeners involved with the release.  The more people that used their hashtag, the more songs the band released from the new album.  Fans could also chat with the band for a period of time.  Denison Witmer is another artist who uses Distance Communication to get his music out to his fans.  He will do a private concert via Skype for $25, all one has to do is schedule a time and he will do the show.  Dension started doing this when his first child was born, thus making it difficult to be on the road performing.  Not every artist is going to be jumping at the chance to play private shows, but there are artists who are willing to do it, and there fans who are willing to pay.

Game Changer?

Will Skype and Ustream be the end of live concerts?  I personally don’t think so, but I do think more artists will take advantage of these services to promote their music.  Social Media has become a main component in everyday life on both ends of the spectrum.  Artists want to get their music out to as many people as possible, and fans want to hear their music.  Why not have a little fun and make a little money along the way.  I wish more artists would use Distant Communication services, I definitely would pay.


5 thoughts on “Collaborative and Distance Communication Tools: Getting your music out has never been so easy.

  1. Private concerts over Skype is a really interesting idea. I wonder how else marketers could take advantage of this possibility.

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