Apps: Are consumer based apps the way to go?

The App

Most of us by now are familiar with apps, and probably use them on a regular basis.  The term “App”, is short for application.  These nifty little icons on our phones and tablets connect us to the web and do some awesome functions.  Most everyone prefers to use a specific app versus going to a webpage.  This is true for most apps, however when it comes to purchasing goods and services online, the scale is tilted the other way.

Online Shopping

If you have not bought anything online, chances are you know somebody who has.  According to Zmags, a social media marketing firm, 87% of online purchases are done through good ol’ fashioned web browsing from a computer.  This is not a good sign for app developers.  What could be going on, why dont people trust shopping apps?  In this study, consumers are prone to buy online through a browser over an app due to privacy concerns.  Many consumers feel like their personal and financial information is not secure through apps.  App privacy is a big concern, so big that the U.S. government is looking into it.  Not all hope is lost for the smartphone or tablet yet.  Many purchases are being done through mobile browsers and consumers are being directed to sites also, through mobile apps.  This seems to be a growing demographic too when it comes to web browsing.


Whatever method one chooses to purchase goods online is their own choice and preference.  However, online purchases via shopping apps for tablets are on the rise, and do seem to be a safe way to purchase online.  Hopefully app privacy will increase and help consumers feel safe when purchasing online.



9 thoughts on “Apps: Are consumer based apps the way to go?

  1. I hope app shopping is secure! I have been doing that a lot lately. I like the way the apps are laid out usually and are more convenient for the mobile browsing. I liked the introduction giving information on apps as well!

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